Our Story

In Japan, Kinzoku (kin-zô-cou) means metal. In North America, Kinzoku represents exceptional design and high quality jewelry & accessories. At Kinzoku, we combine the ancient art of silversmithing with 21st century design to create unique custom pieces exclusively for you.

Kinzoku was founded on the belief that the best gifts are the most thoughtful. Be it a client, employeefriend or loved one, the search for a meaningful and original gift can be an arduous task. A pair of cufflinks for dad is a good gift. A pair of cufflinks based on his child’s art is a great gift.

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Ibai Demirdache – Founder / Design Director

Ibai Demirdache is an award-winning designer who creates contemporary designs with deeper meaning. A former diplomat, Demirdache now resides in Canada, but still uses her worldly experiences in her many designs.

Her work is known for its use of unexpected materials and fresh take on traditional designs. She credits the four years she spent in Japan as having a clean and minimalist impact on her work. Organic lines and beautiful materials make her pieces a tactile, visual treat.